Ryerson Campus Map Using Google Map API

After seeing some of the websites, that was using google map api to create custom map with lot's of interesting features, I wanted to learn how to use the api so that I can make some nice stuff as well. And as ususal, I just created a project for myself, through which I can learn how to use the api offered by google. So, the task is to create a map for my university campus, Ryerson University, with some advanced features, which I'll be keep adding as I learn more about the api.


Well... the most important resource for this project is Google Map API Documentation. However, I found Mike's tutorials extremely helpful for learning more about the api functionalities. Since I also wanted to create a custome map that will use my own graphics or map images, Mapki site is the first choice to study how to do that. This site explaines everything step by step and it is very straight forward.

Some Problems

The very first problem that I am going to be facing is creating my own graphics for the custome map because.... welll... I don't really consider myself as a graphics artist. The second problem is going to be being consistent with the google's api, since they are constantly updating their api and adding new features.

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